11 years ago I had an abortion…

I was unfaithful to my partner and father to my 2 kids. I fell pregnant to the guy I was seeing and I wanted to get rid of the evidence we both agreed as it was a very unhealthy relationship in so many ways. It seemed so easy to access the abortion I told the dr and he gave me the number.

I went to the appointment one dr signed it off and gave me my appointment. I can’t remember the actual date was all such a blur, but now I know what I did was wrong!

I murdered my previous baby my baby that didn’t deserve to be a dirty little secret, and I wish that I never had the abortion and had her now with me. I call her a her because I decided that she is still living in the arms of the Lord in eternity where she only knows love and acceptance.

If I could go back to that time I would have told my partner and just kept baby for us! I know he would have excepted her as his own because he forgave me and everything I had done, I know God forgave me just like God did.