I had an abortion of a boy child after my marriage as my husband insisted on it I had no choice. He said it was too early after marriage and that we were not ready for a baby yet.

After that with his insistence I had a couple more abortions after having two other births with surviving children.

It was then that reality hit me and I realised that I had murdered my children. There was no counselling available to me and guilt started pressings me down. I would start crying when ever I thought of my babies and what I had done. As a christian I started praying and crying to God to release me from this agony.

Eventually a lot later I did get over it with prayer and lots of tearsĀ  but would not advice anyone to go thru this. It is like destroying a part of your self and the sad thing is that you cannot tell anyone about it. Even my husband never understood what I was going through.

Your inner being gets destroyed a bit more every time you think about it.

Hence from past experience I would not advocate abortion at any stage. It is murder and kills a part of the mother continuously – could be for the whole of her life….