I’m 16 now I had an abortion at 7 weeks wanted my baby so bad but the dad was abusive he hated me for being pregnant an threw in my face that he had another girlfriend knowing I was routing for that spot I live with his beautiful family who took me in cause my parent won’t accept me .

But his family didn’t want me to keep the baby and I knew it … it was painful more emotional .. I took the pills an it took me so long to swallow them .. only 4 pills it took to end the baby I wanted to keep 300 or more percent I was gonna do everything I can do it’s been 3 weeks my birthday is next week I would’ve been 10 weeks .

My real mum doesn’t even wanna text me never checked up on me neither my dad .. I don’t even like listening or seeing someone pregnant or a baby cause of my dumb decision.. but now I gotta face the future that should’ve changed .

I’m still hurt but I had no choice