I am 68 years old and for 34 years I have had to live with this terrible regret of killing my own child.

The only way of being able to live in peace of any sort is through the blood of Christ and what he did. Taking my sin with Him on that cross then overcoming death with His resurrection.

I was afraid and had nobody to talk to. My partner of that time didn’t want it own up to fatherhood and so he said I needed to get an abortion. I was not a mental case – just afraid, but the doctors of that time made it VERY easy to get and abortion.

Looking back over time I must admit my guilt. I was afraid because deep in my heart I New it was wrong.

Not just the abortion but living together in an ungodly relationship. If we (New Zealand)) could only have stuck by Gods laws we could all have peace in our hearts. But sadly people want to do away with God and believing in lies.